Love food? Here are The Top 3 Best Countries for Foodies

Under every nation is a concise depiction of the food and three prescribed dishes to attempt. It's difficult to address cooking with only three dishes however we attempted to think of as fascinating and balanced a blend as could be expected. Mainstream dishes are addressed just as lesser-known delights that inquisitive eaters might need to pay special mind to.

So, here are the Top 3 Best Countries for Foodies.....

1. Japan 

This was an easy decision. Japan is our #1 country on the planet to visit and an integral justification that is the food. They have the most Michelin stars on the planet, outperforming even France, which demonstrates that Japanese is perhaps the best food on the planet.

What's momentous about the Japanese is how long and exertion they put into consummating their art. A few dishes require at any rate ten years to completely dominate. Numerous cafés will work on only one dish, with that one dish being the climax of longer than a time of training and control. Japanese gourmet specialists really are experts in their specialty. 

I've visited near twenty prefectures up until now and each prefecture has a couple of Japanese dishes that are special to the locale. I want to visit each country on the planet however I do mean to investigate each prefecture in Japan, basically for the food.

3 Dishes to Try in Japan 


Sushi is apparently the most notable Japanese dish. It's an agent of Japanese cooking and the primary thing numerous individuals consider when they consider Japanese food. 

Sushi comprises vinegared rice usually presented with crude fish and different sorts of fish, however, it tends to be made with different fixings too like crude vegetables. It's frequently presented with gari (salted ginger), wasabi, and soy sauce and comes in numerous structures like nigiri, maki, temaki, chirashi, and nare.

In Japan, one of our number one different ways of getting a charge out of sushi is at kaitenzushi cafés. Kaitenzushi alludes to a sort of eatery that serves sushi on transport lines. The image beneath was taken at an Osaka part of the mainstream Daiki Suisan chain.

Top 3 Best Countries for Foodies
Top 3 Best Countries for Foodies


Like sushi, ramen is perhaps the most mainstream Japanese dish. It's a noodle soup dish made with four essential components – stock, tare (preparing), noodles, and fixings.

Tare alludes to the pungent gathered embodiment put at the lower part of each ramen bowl. Along with the stock, it's what decides the style of ramen. There are numerous territorial assortments of ramen however the four fundamental sorts are miso, shoyu, shio, and tonkotsu. 

By and by, my most loved is tonkotsu or Hakata ramen. Initially from Fukuoka, it's smooth stock ramen that is made by bubbling pork bones over high fire for a few hours until the marrow leaks out. 

Presented beneath is a scrumptious bowl of crab miso ramen from a café in Tokyo. It was prescribed to us by a neighborhood who considered it the best ramen shop he's always been to in Japan. Delightful!

Top 3 Best Countries for Foodies
Top 3 Best Countries for Foodies

Unagi Kabayaki 

Tempura is the dish that turned me on to Japanese food as a youngster, yet it was unagi that made me begin to look all starry-eyed at it as a grown-up. I had it at a sushi café in Boston more than thirty years prior and it's been one of my number one Japanese dishes from that point forward.

Unagi alludes to freshwater eel while the term kabayaki portrays how the fish is readied. The eel is cut down the center, gutted, deboned, and butterflied before being pierced and barbecued over charcoal. While barbecuing, it's treated with a kabayaki sauce which resembles an improved soy sauce. 

Delicate, smokey, and exquisite sweet, unagi is usually served in sushi structure or over a bed of rice in a dish called unadon or unaju. On the off chance that you visit Nagoya, make certain to attempt hitsumabushi. It's a fascinating adaptation of unagi that started in Aichi prefecture. 

Presented beneath is a request for unagi donburi from the incredible Unagi Hirokawa eatery in Kyoto.

Top 3 Best Countries for Foodies
Top 3 Best Countries for Foodies 

2. Vietnam 

Before our first outing to Vietnam, we weren't high on Vietnamese food. Presently it's one of our top choices. By and by, it's in my main three. I appreciate it much a lot that I as of late went through a month in Vietnam eating my way from north to south. 

Something I appreciate most about Vietnamese food is its feeling of equilibrium. Acrid is presented with sweet, hot is tempered with cold. Seared food is presented with new vegetables and dishes are frequently given a satisfying concordance of shading. 

Vietnamese food plans to find some kind of harmony in various parts of food like the taste, supplements, and show, and it does as such by focusing on a particular arrangement of components per perspective. 

We've come to adore Vietnamese food such a lot that we're now arranging an excursion back. Also, this time, we'll stay for in any event three months, presumably much more.

3 Dishes to Try in Vietnam 

Bun Cha 

Bun cha is one of my #1 Vietnamese dishes and maybe the one dish I miss most about Vietnam. It's a Hanoi dish of charcoal-flame broiled pork presented with cold vermicelli noodles and new greens like lettuce, perilla, coriander, and mint. The dish Anthony Bourdain and Barack Obama shared on that Hanoi scene of Parts Unknown.

Bun cha is frequently combined with a side of nem cua be or rotisserie crab spring rolls. It's one of my supreme most loved dinners in Vietnamese cooking and one reason why Hanoi is my #1 city in Vietnam. I think I had it practically ordinary the last time I was there.

Top 3 Best Countries for Foodies
Top 3 Best Countries for Foodies 

Banh Mi 

Banh mi, like pho, is the most notable Vietnamese dish. Actually talking, it alludes to a little French-style loaf yet individuals utilize the term to allude to the sandwich.

A banh mi is a loaf sandwich made with various kinds of meat, vegetables, and fixings. Pork, cucumber cuts, coriander, and salted carrots advance into numerous banh mis however you can basically make it with anything you desire because the genuine star of the sandwich is the bread. 

Banh mi bread is hard outwardly however delicate and cloud-like within. Actually, it's perhaps the best sandwiches I've at any point had and something I wouldn't see any problems with eating ordinary.

Banh mi is good anywhere in Vietnam but the best sandwiches are said to come from Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City.

Top 3 Best Countries for Foodies
Top 3 Best Countries for Foodies 

Bun Bo Hue 

Pho is a Vietnamese public dish and cherished by many, yet actually, I think there are better noodle soup dishes in Vietnam. Bun bo shade is one of those dishes.

As its name recommends, bun bo is a noodle soup dish that started in Hue in focal Vietnam. It's made with rice vermicelli, slim cuts of meat, and strong lumps of hamburger shank. Contingent upon the cook, it can contain different fixings also like oxtail, pig's knuckle, and solidified pig's blood. 

The stock in bun bo tone is so unbelievably delightful. I had become accustomed to the gentleness of pho so I was shocked by how scrumptious this was. It's my number one noodle soup dish in Vietnam and something you need to attempt when you visit Hue.

Top 3 Best Countries for Foodies
Top 3 Best Countries for Foodies 

3. Thailand 

With regards to nations with the best food, Thailand is an easy decision. Before 2020, Bangkok was the most visited city on the planet for four sequential years. CNN once announced it the best city on the planet for road food so adding it to this rundown was simple.

This rundown goes past Bangkok which is something to be thankful for because there's a great deal of good food to be had all through the country. As a rule, Bangkok and focal Thai food are known to be somewhat sweet contrasted with the saltier and all the more harsh cooking of the north and the spicier dishes of the south. 

It's accessible all through Thailand however you might need to visit the upper east locale too to attempt Isan food. It's local Thai cooking that has been vigorously affected by Laos and Khmer foods. 

3 Dishes to Try in Thailand 

Tom Yum 

Tom yum (or tom sweet potato) is quite possibly the most mainstream and dearest dish in Thai cooking. It alludes to a group of soups made with lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, new lime juice, and new Thai bean stews. 

Tom yum can be made with various proteins like chicken, pork, or fish, however, the most famous form is made with prawn (tom yum goong). Known for its particularly hot and harsh flavors, it's frequently promoted as the dish that characterizes Thai food. 

Composing this article now, I can nearly feel that hot zesty sharp stock spilling down the rear of my throat. It's coming down where I am so a bowl of tom yum would be so wonderful at the present time. It's a tasty dish and an incredible prologue to Thai food.

Top 3 Best Countries for Foodies
Top 3 Best Countries for Foodies 

Phad Thai 

Like tom yum, Pad thai is quite possibly the most well-known Thai dish. For some individuals, it's the primary thing that rings a bell when they consider Thai food. 

Pad thai alludes to a pan-seared rice noodle dish made with tofu, fried egg, peanuts, bean sprouts, and different vegetables. It's frequently made with chicken or shrimp however any sort of meat or fish can be utilized. The fixings are sauteed in a wok at that point threw with a sauce that gives the dish its particular sweet, pungent, harsh flavors.

Pad thai is an all-around engaging dish that can be discovered in practically any place in Thailand, from humble road food trucks to appropriate semi-formal cafés.

Top 3 Best Countries for Foodies
Top 3 Best Countries for Foodies 

Khao Soi 

Khao soi is my #1 northern Thai dish. Well known in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, it's maybe the one dish that best addresses northern Thai food.

Khao soi is a dish made with both fresh and delicate egg noodles in a rich curry-like coconut sauce. It's normally made with chicken or hamburger and presented with a side of hacked red onion, cured cabbage, and a wedge of lime. 

For reasons unknown, khao soi is normally served uniquely at lunch. In Chiang Mai, perhaps the best spot to attempt it is at Khao Soi Khun Yai.

Top 3 Best Countries for Foodies
Top 3 Best Countries for Foodies 

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